Story behind I Love Sauna

There is a reason why

The rythm of life is constantly faster and faster. Sauna is like a mini holiday get-away-escape from these hectic times.

Sauna relaxes your body and refreshes your mind.

There is a common consensus of all the great advantages of sauna and the joy it brings. We have known the pleasures of sauna for a long time and now we are even more aware of the positive health benefits.

Sauna is good for your heart as it releaves stress, lowers your blood pressure and relaxes your body and mind.

Seldom are joy, pleasure and positive health benefits found in such a nice combo.

This collection is for all the sauna lovers out there! Products are like interior design elements and you can play with the different shades when decorating your sauna.

The joy of sauna should show and smell in your sauna.

All our products have modern uniform look&feel and the stylish packaging makes these also gifts as such. With these products you can easily delight your friends.

Sauna Is The Feeling – ILOVESAUNA completes the feeling.